You Can Work Your Business With Either Opportunity Or Product

You can go either way in your choice of opportunity or product but the type of organization you build will differ based on your choice.

One train of thought is to lead with the opportunity because in the end that opportunity IS the real product that the industry provides and fulfills in the end. I believe most people don’t get started in a business because they love the product. Some do, I was one who did because the product was so dynamic. But the trigger that drives the industry, is the opportunity for a better quality of life and limitless income. sbcglobal email

Here is an old school analogy. If I hold $100 in one hand and $100’s worth of a product or service in the other which would you choose? It’s a fact that most choose the money. Why? Money is that emotional potential that gets people juiced. Product is just product. It has current value but doesn’t drive emotions like money potential that opportunity does.

Most people want more in life, like time and freedom. And product is simply that. It’s an easy and natural choice for you to lead with opportunity because there are so many emotional triggers you can talk about.

Other very successful network marketers do it the other way around and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. A great product is like a foundation you can use to build around. If you use the product and have the results you expected or needed you have a very good story to build around the product foundation.

In my experience and talking with other network marketers I have found if you lead with the opportunity you should expect it to be much easier to recruit and find highly motivated business builders.

This path should lead to faster growth, but it’s not guaranteed to. For one thing most people are enamored with all the noise out the network marketing world about wild sums of money and very little work. These people tend to jump at the next great opportunity. Second, if you overdo the opportunity approach you’ll find and attract people who are excited enough to join and dream, but not excited enough to really make it happen. So the attrition rate can be higher but not necessarily so if your leadership helps produce results.

If you lead with the product you’ll be retailing or selling your way to wealth. The positive of this is your income over time will be more stable, but only a small portion of those that use the product will be of the same mind as you to go out and grow a business around it. Your business grows slower and steadier. This is the path I’ve seen many older networkers take, and also the one I took because they can do it as more of hobby at first, and if it grows into something then great. Traditionally another old school adage is if you just stay in the business you will eventually be successful. With steady pushing on this path you might see a liveable wage in several years. But remember, nothing is guaranteed. I have seen and heard of entrepreneurs leading with the opportunity creating a liveable wage in less than a year. But this is rare and if you keep at it using technology to develop prospects you can grow your business quicker. But I do not personally know of anyone who was an overnight success.

In my own experience I started with product, had limited success but nothing close to a livable wage. I still use and market opportunity with product but I’ve learned to do it a different way to find prospects. Technology and new ideas have helped me to earn close to a livable wage. I am not there yet but I get closer each day.