The “Know Why” In The “How To”

Before you know how to do something, you need to know why you are doing it to make it more potent. Sure, the how comes easy after you have the definite why in anything. To my way of thinking and the reality of all situations, a good “why” makes the “how” much more potent. Some will cry “foul” at this fact, but be it as it may, we all need a good why for total potency and efficiency in operations.

To explain the above point fully without getting complex or wordy, I needed to start a new paragraph, and I will start with this: Before you or anyone begins a task, you need to know why you are doing it, how definitely comes later when planning strategically. Sure, I could make it more complex and “pretty” and less direct, but less value delivered and understood directly would be the point. So, here I will do my best not to sound too much like a lawyer writing a paper on how “the cat ate the rat” in legal terminology. Sure, this is a business article, but it does not have to sound totally like one. So, think in these terms: The why behind the how is all important. As long as you know a genuine why, you can genuinely create something with your how no matter what the seeming obstacle. I am not saying that work will be easier or harder, I am just mentioning the reality of the situation fully, succinctly and without mincing words. For, indeed, I quote Claude Myron Bristol here: “Clear thinking and plain speaking get any message across to the people.” In fact, I can say that is definitely a clear part of any how that you may have, especially the first part, clear thinking. Clear, realistic thinking is the power behind any workable plan of any type. Even the most “unrealistic” plan in the world can work with the right why and how. Let us take man flying for instance, only two hundred years ago, that was counted as unrealistic, totally unrealistic. Eating tomatoes as food, almost as bad a couple of hundred years ago until some brave soul decided they were not
“poisonous bulbs” like magic mushrooms. My point, with the right why and how of understanding anything rational is possible and anything “unrealistic” is possible through any rational means.

Albert Einstein may have said that imagination is more important than knowledge for the above reason. Because reality is defined only by exploration and active understanding, not passive knowledge and stagnant establishments that stay the same. So, clear, realistic, forward thinking is the power behind any workable plan, and any “plan that does not work made workable” through creativity and deduction of what does not work within that plan. The world mis not flat and that is that, there is always dimension to explore creatively that makes the “impossible” reasonably possible. Reality is not set in stone, there is always a better why and how to improve to in that order. Having your “why” clear is the ultimate clarity of values that makes any reasonable “how” possible no matter what the seeming obstacle.