How to Find the Best Web Hosts

There are a number of good web hosts today in the market. With the proliferation of online businesses, the demand for web hosts is ever increasing. So how do you find the best web hosts?

Before we commence our search to find the best hosts, let us first understand who a host is? They are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by other people. Seen from the user’s perspective, any website needs to be hosted on a web server if it is to be visible on a Web server. Now there are two options here. You can either host your website on your own server. However, this will entail major hardware, software and maintenance expenses. A more viable option is to rent a server from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are many advantages of this. The first is that connectivity to the Internet through the ISP is very fast. Then ISPs usually have powerful web servers and requisite back-up arrangements. You are assured of a stable and secure service through them.

There are certain parameters by which you can judge who are the best web hosts. These include availability of round the clock technical support on a daily basis, amount of web space being allocated, no restrictions or expenses on handling large volumes of traffic, a reasonably good bandwidth, freedom on placing content, support on e-mail capabilities, database access and FrontPage server extensions. As a user, you should be able to expand your business with the support of your web host. Affordability and reliability are two additional hallmark features of any top web host provider.

There are many hosting companies these days. Here are some of the best web hosts. These are BlueHost, HostMonster, JustHost, DreamHost, HostGator, IXWebHosting, Fatcow, Yahoo Web Hosting, 1&1 Web Hosting, WebHostingPad, Arvixe, Greenville Host, InMotion, Go Daddy and GreenGreeks.

Each of these hosts are popular and provide a number of services. Your decision on which one to pick would depend on your needs. If you are looking for affordable web hosting partners, then you should look at companies such as JustHost and DreamHost. But if you are looking for dedicated hosting servers, then the companies to approach are InMotion and SingleHop. Dedicated hosting is meant for those who wish to have a huge amount of storage, unlimited databases, e-mail addresses and bandwidth. Within dedicated web hosting, you will have to decide between going in for either a managed or unmanaged one.