Basic Muay Thai Techniques

The Martial craft of Muay Thai has its own exceptional methods. It comprises of the utilization of nine weapons. The head, clench hands, elbow, knee and feet are by and large known as Na-wa arwud. In any case, today the utilization of head is no longer permitted in the Muay Thai battles. In Muay Thai modest quantity of hooking is utilized (The Clinch) for both safeguarding and assaulting reason. Muay Thai strategies are isolated into two gatherings: Mae Mai or Major methods and Luk mai or Minor procedures. All procedures in Muay Thai utilize the whole body development, turning the hip mostly or completely with each punch, kick and square. This is the explanation which separates Muay Thai from different types of military workmanship. Visit :- มวยไทย

Punching Techniques: ( Chok) 

Straight punch = Mud Dhrong 

Snare = Mud Wjang San 

Swing = Mud Wjang Yao 

Turning Back clench hand = Mud Wjang Glab 

Upper Cut = Mud Seub 

Cobra Punch = Kra-Dod Chok 

Over Head Punch = Mud Khouk 

The adjudicators in Muay Thai battles scores less to the warriors for the punching procedures as they are commonly less compelling and incredible than kicks or knee strikes. Body punching is likewise utilized less in Muay Thai as it uncovered the warriors head to the strikes of knee or elbow from the adversary.