A 10 Step Guide to Selling Rap Beats Online

Many song manufacturers from all over the international dream of selling their rap beats to primary record labels. Often instances the risk to hook up with the right choice maker inside the enterprise in no way occurs. Partly due to the fact file label executives are inundated with tons of submissions and commonly listen to rap beats handiest submitted by using managers, deejays and music producers they understand and normally unsolicited demos grow to be in FILE 13. That’s right…The trash myartistdna.

Furthermore, if the right enterprise connection is made regularly times you spend months and months negotiating your charge and not often seeing any real residual profits from your efforts.

So what must a song producer that focuses on rap beats do?

My idea is to keep in mind selling your rap beats online and taking benefit of a developing market. Stop limiting yourself to wishing you can connect with a primary record label A&R.

I recently researched a few a hit web sites that already make thousands of dollars on line from promoting rap beats and have I outlined a step-by way of-step model based on the their internet site myartistdna.com.

1. Find a website name that has the words “rap beats or beats” in it. Something like “westcoastbeats.Com” or “eastcoastbeats.Com.” This will assist your website rank in the search engines like google lots better than those that do not have key phrases of their domain.

2. Next you want find a top website hosting company that may keep a large amount of bandwidth. Make positive the web hosting corporation also gives a platform for a weblog and visitor e book.

Three. Find a image clothier to make you a brand, header and footer. The price of this carrier degrees from $50 to $500.

4. Find a website fashion designer or use one of the templates that come with your web hosting package to layout your website. I recommend staying far from Flash based internet site templates that purpose your web page site visitors to should improve to modern day model of Flash just to check your website MyArtistDNA.

Five. Create 00:30 second promos for all the rap beats you intend on promoting. Make positive you positioned your excellent rap beats first.

6. Create 3:00 to four:00 minute mp3’s of the rap beats you would like to sell. Zip your mp3’s right into a folder and make sure you include a textual content record outlining the phrases of use.

7. Create a service provider account with PayPal to accept bills while humans need to buy your rap beats. Make positive you checkout and record shipping is wonderful otherwise PayPal will penalize you and probable close down your account.

8. Go to Google and create an AdWords account and begin driving visitors on your internet site.

9. Also join up with the maximum popular forums on your area of interest and make each day posts.

10. Create a YouTube video saying your website to the world and use your rap beats because the background music.

So what is going to the preliminary set up value be?

Domain Name: $nine to $12
Hosting: $nine a month
Graphics: $50 to $500
Web Design: Free to $2,000

If you would like to check out some of the top websites online focusing on rap beats then check out Mix Me Entertainment, Beats365 and Beats2Rap2. The proprietors of those web sites have sold thousands of beats and provide other beneficial facts that permit you to get your song profession off the ground.