7 Flyer Printing Tips for Effective Advertising with Flyers

Flyers are an essential part of small business development within your local community. Print advertising is a time-tested method and cost-effective method of advertising that has the power to generate immediate responses and instant increases in sales. Pizza menus, furniture store flyers, landscaping flyers, chiropractic newspaper inserts, automotive sales flyers, electronics store circulars, and countless other types of print advertisement are viewed by millions of people each year. More importantly, full color flyers continuously manipulate our buying decisions and opinions. 10 flyer printing tips that will help you optimize your flyers: rush postcards by 55printing

  1. Hire a professional designer. If you don’t have a design background do not try to design a full color advertisement. Instead, gather ideas and brainstorm for the designer so that you ideas will translate into their flyer design.
  2. Choose a trusted printer that has a great customer service team. Their experience and attention to detail can be a lifesaver when printing thousands of flyers at once.
  3. Always print in full-color. According to the Newspaper Association of America, color ads score sixty-two (62%) percent higher than black-and-white ads.
  4. Always print on glossy paper. Flyers must stand out and look great. Go glossy!
  5. Print in bulk. If you are going to need 50,000 flyers printed over the course of a year – print them all at once. Bulk orders offer huge savings with most printers.
  6. Order online. Find a printer with a great website that allows you to manage your order online. This way you can be sure that the correct files are uploaded, etc.
  7. Incorporate tracking information. By including a coupon or a special offer that correlates only to one flyer, you will be able to measure results. You can also assign a specific phone number to a flyer campaign as well. You need to know whether you are spending advertising dollars effectively or simply wasting money.