64 Ways Volleyball Players Know They Are Addicted

“You realize you play volleyball when…” – Any volleyball player. This is an aggregation of different sources with respect to when you realize you play volleyball. YOU KNOW YOU PLAY VOLLEYBALL WHEN… 1. You figure everybody ought to need to wear spandex. 2. At the point when somebody says “shag” the main thing you consider is volleyball. 3. At the point when you’re taller than the majority of your group. Or on the other hand when you’reประวัตินักกีฬา not, and individuals can’t help thinking about how you play volleyball when you’re not 6’11. 4. At the point when the words “outside,” “center,” and “right/frail side” mean everything to you. 5. At the point when you understand your thighs not, at this point fit in your pants. 6. You could likely beat anybody in divider sits. 7. At the point when a ball is heaved at your face, you set, pass, or hit it. Or then again you thrash your arms spastically. 8. You realize what a libero is/does. 9. You have more than one sets of knee cushions. 10. You blow up when somebody says volleyball is certainly not a hard game. 11. You own in any event one shirt that has “volleyball,” “hit,” or a drawing of a volleyball on it. 12. You realize how to tape yourself. 13. You know why lower leg supports are a need. 14. You have wounds on your knees, elbows, lower legs, neck, shoulders, back, head, and so on. 15. You’ve culminated drawing a volleyball. 16. You’ve taken a stab at setting into a b-ball circle. What’s more, it’s a lot simpler than really shooting a ball into a b-ball band. 17. You realize a flapjack is something other than something to eat. 18. You figure TV should show more volleyball than some other game. 19. You’ve been inquired as to why volleyball players wear spandex. 20. You know your vertical, and consistently trust by one way or another it gets higher. 21. You’ve had in any event one ball hit you in the face. 22. You’ve been to volleyball camp. Commonly. 23. You know who Misty May is. 24. You realize a scoreboard like the rear of your hand. 25. You need to concede that you like those “Pro!” good wishes. 26. At whatever point you see a volleyball, you need to contact it. 27. At a certain point in your life, you’ve had knee issues. 28. You realize what those “other” lines in the rec center are. 29. You don’t spill balls, you smack them with the palm of your hand. 30. You own a couple of “volleyball” shoes